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Meet SPCS Councilor Dr. Pasithorn Suwanabol

Suwanabol, Pasithorn for Cvent.png

Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere with my husband

Favorite ice cream flavor: Sadly it's been discontinued - Edy's Vanilla Sandwich

Favorite podcast (besides The Surgical Palliative Care podcast): ): I'm not that hip - I don't listen to podcasts

She hopes that SPCS will be a mechanism where shared research interests can come together & move the field of surgical palliative care forward

Dr. Pasithorn Suwanabol is a colorectal surgeon at the Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Healthcare System and she utilizes primary palliative care skills in her practice every day. She is a current councilor for SPCS.

In regard to her research interests, her academic efforts are focused on end-of-life care among veterans after surgery with the support of a K award. She is also in the beginning phases of understanding how to improve survivorship among those with colorectal cancer. She is excited about the new funding opportunities, particularly the SPCS Geoffrey P. Dunn Research Award, as a way to support early investigators with surgical palliative care interests.

Dr. Suwanabol recognizes the importance and impact of wellness in her life and practice. She thoughtfully identifies the practice of giving oneself grace in this busy and challenging field. Dr. Suwanabol prioritizes spending time with loved ones, exercise, taking time off, and vacations to recharge her energy and mindset.

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